7 Ideas for Fabulous and Functional Closets

Organized Closet
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Let’s be honest—the closet is the woman’s domain. We spend a lot of time in our closet, whether it’s finding the right dress to wear to a cocktail party or choosing the perfect purse for a night out. Many of us have deemed our closet as “off limits” to the rest of the family, and it’s usually the one quiet place in an otherwise hectic household.

I find that an organized closet reduces stress and makes my morning routine much easier. Having a pretty closet makes me happy and allows me to start and end my day in a good mood. Here are my best tips for making your closet a beautiful space.

1. Create a Place for Everything

This may sound like a no-brainer but making sure everything in your wardrobe has a home makes it easier to stay organized. Organization is the foundation for a beautiful closet, so if you are ready to transform your space, add a shoe rack. Find a designated place to display your handbags. Decide which section of your closet you want to hang your coats in. Put your scarves in a clear bin. I love modular storage solutions because they give you the freedom to select storage that fits your wardrobe. If you own several pairs of heels, you’ll need more shoe space. If you have a large purse collection, you’ll need extra shelving. The Container Store is a great place to find modular storage collections.

color coordinate in closet
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2. Color Coordinate

This is one of the first tasks professional organizers do for their clients. Color coding your closet has several benefits. The blocks of color make your closet look bright, and you’ll know exactly where to find an item you are looking for. When it comes to color coding, I recommend grouping jackets and dresses together, and then going from light to dark for the rest of your clothes. Start with white, then go to neutrals, yellow, and so on. If you wear a certain color more than others, put it first in your closet (my first color block is black).

3. Display Your Purses

 I can never resist a gorgeous handbag—even when it breaks the bank. There are so many different styles and designers, it is easy to amass a large collection. Find a way to display your beautiful collection in your closet. I line my top shelf with them, and a friend of mine uses a file folder rack to organize her smaller bags (this clear one on Amazon would be perfect for storing clutches). Not only does this allow you to see all of your options, it also helps keep your bags in top condition.

handbag storage
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4. Add a Floor Length Mirror

 Placing a floor length mirror in your closet is both practical and elegant. Adding a floor length mirror will not only prove useful when trying on outfits, it also makes your closet appear larger (this trick works in any room). If you are short on space, over-the door mirrors are extremely convenient. I’m in love with this Cyprus Bone Inlay Floor Mirror by Serena & Lily, but since it’s out of my budget, I’m working on refurbishing an antique mirror given to me by my grandmother. Mirrors are a fantastic way to add character to any space and they stand the test of time.

mirror for closet

5. Install Extra Lighting

 Creating great light is key for keeping your closet neat and organized. My rule of thumb in the closet is the brighter, the better! Aside from making it easier to find specific items, lighting also accentuates the true colors in your closet. LED lighting is perfect for lighting up your shelves, and unlike traditional lights, LED lighting will not cause any garment colors to fade. Cove LED lights are a simple way to upgrade your closet, making it look glamorous. You can have this done professionally, or purchase LED strip lighting from places like Wayfair or The Home Depot. LED lights have advanced enough now where you can purchase warmer shades—I think we can all agree that fluorescent lighting isn’t the most flattering.

closet lighting and suits
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6. Add Non-Wardrobe Items

 It’s surprising how much larger a closet feels when you display special objects such as a favorite cologne or a vintage clock. Be mindful when selecting your objects (ask yourself if it sparks joy!), as you only want to display a few. It helps the closet feel more spacious and is a pretty way to decorate. If you are short on space, even a small picture frame will create this effect.

closet vanity and stool
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7. Add an Elegant Light Fixture

 My favorite inspiration closets always have one thing in common—a beautiful chandelier. I’ve been in love with chandeliers since I was a little girl, but any type of elegant light fixture will make your closet appear more luxurious. Delicate wall sconces are great in smaller spaces with their soft lighting that can be set with dimmers, and I just fell in love with an unbelievable crystal flush mount from Pottery Barn that I cannot justify (I’m currently looking into a more affordable lookalike). If a unique light fixture that fits in your space ever catches your eye, grab it!

closet chandelier
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I hope you find these tips helpful, and if you decide to glam up your closet, please share your designs with us on Instagram or Facebook! Please note, Coastal Design does not receive any type of compensation from products or companies mentioned in this article. We just happen to love them!


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