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With so many great apps out there, finding and vetting the most useful ones can be a challenge. Coastal Design is here to help.

We live in a world where convenience is an expectation and not a luxury. With a quick download, we can have groceries delivered within a day, car services arrive within minutes, and packages dropped off at our house at an hour of our choosing. As mobile apps continue to shrink the world by the day, the world of home design has been pulled along for the ride.

As part of our series on the topic, we will be highlighting our favorite home design apps and sharing tips and tricks to get the most out of them.

ColorSmart by BEHR

ColorSmart by BEHR App

ColorSmart by Behr will completely change your opinion of color-matching apps. We find that these apps typically have a clunky user interface, are difficult to navigate, and are just plain inaccurate. ColorSmart is a delightful surprise, as it’s extremely user-friendly, provides accurate color matches, and has bonus features that are legitimately helpful.

Whether you are touching up a small part of your wall or repainting an entire room, ColorSmart will be your best friend. When you first open the app and navigate to the Color Match tab, you have the option of taking a new picture or selecting an existing photo. If you’re touching up a wall, snap a picture of it, upload it to the app, and then tap the photo to see the Behr color match. From there, you can select the color to see coordinated color options, or simply write down the shade and head to the store to pick up a sample. You can also preview the color on walls from a gallery of room images, which is particularly helpful if you’re repainting a room.

Bonus: The Paint Calculator tool is very helpful when painting a larger space. If you enter the dimensions of the area you are painting, the tool will estimate how many quarts or gallons you will need.

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Design Home

Design Home App

If you’re looking for some fun and enjoy home decorating, download Design Home, an app that lets you participate in daily and weekly interior decorating challenges. Some challenges have requirements based on style and room size, and others give you free rein—but the overall goal is to design a beautiful space so you can unlock rewards such as a new piece of furniture or rug. Users vote on one another’s designs in order to calculate a style score, and this style score determines your reward for that particular challenge.

The furniture and decor found in the app are real items from existing brands available for purchase, so you can even shop directly through the app (or at least get the information to check the products out in person).

Bonus: The more you play, the more you will learn about different design styles and trends. You may even find some new inspiration to use in your own home.

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