Six Holiday Traditions to Start This Season

Baking Sugar Cookies as a New Holiday Tradition

It’s officially the most wonderful time of the year! It’s also one of the best times to create special memories with loved ones. In the spirit of the holidays, we at Coastal Design would like to share some of our favorite holiday traditions – and wish you and yours a delightful holiday season.

1. Sibling Brunch

Siblings Eating Brunch

Although you may not have always loved your brother or sister when you were little, you probably are much closer now that you’re all adults. You may even consider your siblings and their significant others some of your closest friends. A favorite tradition in my household is the annual sibling brunch. On a Sunday in December, we pick a festive restaurant known for its holiday décor and have brunch together. The number one rule is no parents allowed! While enjoying our coffee or mimosa, we discuss what gifts we’ve already picked up for Mom. This  ensures there are no duplicate presents under the tree while we enjoy each other’s company as family and friends.

2. Holiday Baking Day

Baking Sugar Cookies as a New Holiday Baking Day

Whether peeling apples for a pie, rolling dough for cinnamon buns or topping a sugar cookie with sprinkles, holiday baking is a tradition many of us relish. Invite a fun group – neighbors, family, friends, or colleagues – to your kitchen and ask everyone to bring a festive ingredient or favorite recipe to share. You and your guests will turn out a variety of baked goods in one fun session and trade baking tips while you’re at it. Double win!

3. Make a Custom-Edition Game

Custom board game for new holiday tradition

Board games are a favorite pastime in our house. Not only are they fun to play, they bring people together and give everyone a chance to take a break from technology. Creating a custom-edition game brings a personalized element to the play and shifts the focus to one another, which is what the holiday season is all about. For young kids, try making a Monopoly board that replaces Park Place and Boardwalk with their favorite places to visit. If you have an adult crowd, print your own photos for What Do You Meme and replace the picture game cards with your own. (Depending on the participants, you may want to sort through the game’s cards and create a PG deck). Regardless of the game, a customized version is sure to become a holiday favorite.

4. Long-Distance Secret Santa

Mailbox for Sending Long-Distance Secret Santa

Do you have family all over the country? Are you and your old college roommates in different time zones? A great way to reunite with those you are closest to is with old-fashioned snail mail. Organize a holiday swap that requires a handwritten letter and a holiday gift (set a reasonable spending limit so everyone can participate). Each person gets to reconnect with an old friend or distant family member by giving and receiving a gift and a message of season’s greetings. is an easy way to organize this swap that just may become a favorite tradition.

5. Celebrate Different Holidays Around the World

Traditional Chocolate Christmas cake as a holiday tradition
Photo: Choi

Merry Christmas, Feliz Navidad! Happy Hanukkah, God Jul, Happy Kwanzaa!

Countries around the world celebrate the holidays differently, so why not embrace the opportunity to celebrate different cultures? Tamales from Mexico, mulled wine from Germany, and potato latkes for Hanukkah are all cherished holiday treats. Plan a holiday gathering and ask each guest to bring a food celebrating a country or holiday tradition of their own choosing. It will be less work for you and create a fun experience where guests can share and learn about different (and delicious) holiday traditions!

6. Find a Way to Give Back

Sorting cans for a food pantry as a holiday tradition

Giving back to your community or a favorite charity is a wonderful way to celebrate the holidays. If you have kids, let them pick an organization where they can volunteer. It’s a great way to teach them about compassion and get them involved at an early age. Volunteering at a soup kitchen, participating in a food or clothing drive, or helping  a family in need are all excellent ways to give back. During the holiday rush, it can be easy to forget about those who are less fortunate. By making this an annual tradition, you will experience the true meaning of the holidays.

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