The Wellness Kitchen: The Heart of the Home

5 Ways to achieve a healthier kitchen at home

Over the past couple of years, there has been a noticeable increase in people cooking at home, choosing organic foods, and using non-toxic household cleansers. Welcome to the year of the “wellness kitchen,” where refrigerators are full of fruits and veggies, organic herbs are grown on the windowsill, and healthy options are easily accessible and visually appealing.

Most people agree that the kitchen is the heart of the home—it’s where families gather to eat, drink, cook, and socialize. The kitchen is a meaningful space, and with this healthy new trend of eating organic, cooking at home, and keeping rooms bright and clean, kitchen design is evolving.

So, given the concept of the “wellness kitchen,” what are some of the kitchen trends to focus on?

1. Natural Light

When designing any room, it’s important to take advantage of natural light, but this is particularly important when it comes to the kitchen. Natural light has several proven health benefits. It increases productivity, improves moods, and elevates energy levels. It also helps conserve energy, resulting in lower electric bills. Since people spend so much time in the kitchen, it’s important to take advantage of natural lighting so that they can enjoy these health benefits. Installing larger windows (or skylights, if possible) are one way to increase light. Avoid heavy curtains and stick with neutral-colored roman shades or light-filtering blinds. More natural light will also help windowsill herbs and container gardens thrive.

Natural kitchen light
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2. Homegrown Herbs

Fresh herbs are an excellent addition to any meal. They are packed with antioxidants and vitamins and have numerous anti-inflammatory benefits. They have wonderful flavors and add a fresh, healthy taste to anything from salads to pastas. Herb gardens have been popular in warmer climates for years, but thanks to an increased focus in eating locally produced, organic food, more options are becoming available for people who live in colder climates. It’s easy to find indoor herb gardens with LED lights and timers, keeping basil, thyme and oregano fresh and ready to go. As a bonus, they are a great way to add a pop of color to the kitchen!

 3. Glass Door Refrigerators

Studies have shown that displaying healthy food options results in healthier eating choices. Several companies are coming out with glass door refrigerators as studies continue to prove this theory. True Residential has been onto this trend for years and offers a beautiful version of a glass door fridge that allows you to display fresh, healthy food options without having to even open the door. Sure, it requires that homeowners keep their fridges tidy—but that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

 4. Convenience Appliances

Life can be hectic, and it seems like busy schedules often make it difficult to cook healthy meals. Luckily, appliances that were found only in professional kitchens are being made for home use. One of these appliances is the Instant Pot which has a pressure cooker function, allowing users to cook healthy meals in under 20 minutes. Other small appliances include spiralizers (veggie spaghetti, anyone?) and single-serving blenders for morning smoothies. Finally, an era where eating healthy can be quick and easy!

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5. Technology

Technology is advancing in all facets of life, so it should be no surprise we are amidst a tech boom in the kitchen. At January’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, several of the most innovative products were in the smart home category. Whirlpool unveiled their Connected Hub Wall Oven concept with augmented reality. What looks like a normal oven door is actually an LCD touch screen that does everything from offer recipes with step-by-step cooking instructions to managing the family calendar and grocery list. Kohler introduced a smart faucet that features motion and voice control. The beloved Instant Pot will soon be connected to voice assistants. With all of this smart home technology, it’s now possible to start dinner before leaving the office!


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